Monday, July 31, 2006

USA and Shuttle Discovery Return to Flight

I know that this happened a while ago but it still is something that needs to be discussed and talked about. The best fireworks display in the USA this year took place at Cape Canaveral, FL. With the launch of the space shuttle Discovery, we once again returned to space. This was the second mission since the ill-fated Columbia, disintegrated upon re-entry. It was a great moment, and yet even better was when these brave men and women returned home safely. It seems that with every shuttle launch the expert are always saying that something is wrong. They have so many cameras now that look at every aspect of the shuttle that they didn't have or use for the first 20 years of space flight. When my dads shuttle returned to earth in April of 2005 there were more than a dozen missing heat tiles. Any how I feel that they will always be able find some little problem with any shuttle flight. Having said that safety should always be a concern, but the press and others (who think they are or claim to be experts) who have no idea what the HELL they are talking should keep their DAMN mouths shut and leave the decision making and comments about the shuttle to the real experts the people who work at NASA.

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